Ballarat water bottles

Delivered straight to your home or office

We deliver 15 and 11 litre bottles of water straight to your home, office or place of business. We offer free delivery and do not charge a fuel levy.  And our water bottles are reused and refilled, not thrown away. 


Our range of beautiful ceramic dispensers are manufactured locally at the Bendigo Pottery, to the highest quality standards.


We rent a quality range of dispensers that best suits your home or business, then deliver 15 or 11 litre water bottles, and take away the empties.


We know your water needs change seasonally, so we monitor your usage and make sure you always have pure fresh water available. If your usage unexpectedly increases, a call or email will have us quickly delivering extra water.


Our delivery drivers use handheld electronic devices to effortlessly control ordering and invoicing.


We offer dispensers with Cold and Hot, or Cold and Cool water. They’re ideal for all indoor areas. Our small bench-top models suit small kitchens and lunch rooms.


Call our friendly Ballarat based team and we'll be ready to advise you, install the right dispenser and take care of all your healthy water needs.