11 Litre Bottle

11 Litre Bottle

An easy to manage bottle that suits all coolers, our 11L bottle is popular both for home and the workplace. Our water is sourced from a single site at the base of an extinct volcano –Mt Warrenheip near Ballarat and has a refreshing pure taste profile.


With free delivery and no surcharges your employees and/or family can enjoy pure spring water all year round. The 11L bottles are GST free and are delivered for $9.


Spring H2O actively minimises waste and hence our closed loop allows bottles to be reused over 40 times. All bottles that are returned are thoroughly cleaned and refilled ready to be delivered to your door. This helps reduce the need for single use place in the workplace or home.


Do you have another water cooler dispenser? Spring H2O bottles are compatible many other water coolers in the marketplace, taste the difference today.


    We know the local area and the local people –

    that’s why we’re the natural choice for all your pure spring water needs.

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