Water Cooler Starter Pack

Water Cooler Starter Pack

Package includes:


  • 12 Month Rental Cooler (Black or White)
  • Cups
  • 3 Bottles Free of Charge


Businesses will also receive a free cup holder and a sleeve of paper cups.


Cool - Cold

Our Cool – Cold water coolers are ideally suited to your workplace or home delivering fresh and pure water to your family, friends and employees. Two taps on our cooler allows access to refreshingly cold water for drinking whilst providing room temperature water, for those who prefer ambient drinking water or for cooking and food preparation.


Hot - Cold

Our Hot – Cold coolers are the ultimate in refreshment convenience for your office, factory or even home. The two taps on our Hot – Cold coolers offer icy refreshing water for drinking whilst lao delivering hot water perfect for coffee, tea or soup.


Our no spill system ensures bottle changeovers are mess free as the bottle is placed with the cap still on. No Spills!


All servicing is included in our rental price and in the event of a break down or malfunction the cooler will be replaced free of charge.


If you have multisite or bulk requirements please call or contact us for a customized quote.

    $146.00 Regular Price
    $113.00Sale Price

    We know the local area and the local people –

    that’s why we’re the natural choice for all your pure spring water needs.

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